Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich

Hello, I’m Marlene Dietrich.  I live and work in Grand Bend, Ontario where my office is located.  I’ve been in the insurance industry since 1990, and how the time has flown!  I’ve always been on the service side of the business because I truly enjoy dealing with people.  My customers are far more to me than just an insurance policy.  I have developed relationships with all of my customers as I provide them with guidance and advice on all of their insurance needs.

I take great pride in providing professional, friendly, prompt service and I am knowledgeable in all lines of business.

Please feel free to give me a call today!


Contact Info

Located: 8437 Philip Road, Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0

Phone: 1-519-686-7088

Cell: 519-670-7034


Marlene Dietrich's Highlights

25 Years Insurance Experience

Thorough knowledge of Farm, Commercial, Residential and Automobile Insurance