We’re Not Just Another Insurance Company

McKillop Mutual Insurance is not just another insurance company.  Not just because we have been meeting the insurance needs of our customers since 1876, and not just because we’re a mutual insurance company, and as such our policyholders have a voice in electing our Board of Directors and sharing in the company’s profits.  We’re different because, at McKillop, we keep it simple.

Our staff, agents and brokers, who work, live and raise their families in the same communities you do, will provide you with the coverages you need at a fair and competitive price, without making it overly complicated.  For us, it’s not about upsell or cross sell, or selling at all.  It’s about getting to know the needs that are unique to you and providing an insurance solution to protect them. And if you suffer a loss, we will work together to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. That is our promise……plain and simple!

To discuss your unique insurance needs please contact one of our agents or brokers, they’ll be glad to help you.


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